John Williams and Peter Simmonds are cycling the E2E from 8 September 2017.  No particular reason.  Enjoyment mainly.  If we had a pound for everyone who asked if we will blog we would have, well, £5.

The route is liable to change but the general idea is:

08-Sep Lands End St Mawgan 55
09-Sep St Mawgan Holsworthy 58
10-Sep Holsworthy Taunton 70
11-Sep Taunton Salisbury 70
12-Sep Salisbury Guildford 66
13-Sep Guidlford Oxted 33
14-Sep Oxted Hertford 50
15-Sep Hertford Wolverton 50
16-Sep Wolverton Leicester 60
17-Sep Rest Day
18-Sep Leicester Sheffield 65
19-Sep Sheffield Skipton 75
20-Sep Skipton Penrith 75
21-Sep Penrith Elvan Foot 75
22-Sep ElvanFoot Perth 80
23-Sep Rest Day
24-Sep Perth Dalwhinnie 50
25-Sep Dalwhinne Inverness 55
26-Sep Inverness Kintradwell 60
27-Sep Kintradwell JO’G and Dunnet  Head 65 +
28-Sep Train home from Inverness
Total 1110 + meanderings

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